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Alice Cooper: Fields of Regret

Alice Cooper: Fields of Regret .


Forever Ill enjoy you undertaking
Come to see you every day now if I can
Is it not the time for everybody
I still wake on the fields of regret
There is something to this dream were all involved in
Can I see it, can I say it
[May exist] or [Makes sense]
Why then dont the night show really matters
If we dwell in the fields of regret
What horror must invade the mind
When the approaching judge shall find
Sinful Deeds from all mankind
With death and nature in surprise
Behold the wretched sinners rise
To meet the judges searching eyes
And when the doomed no more can flee
From the flames of misery
Assist me while I die
Wander through those ever thoughts though if imagined
But come down on its so easy to resist (?)
Rest behind my ears upon the planet.
Sound another, no part over, wont forget
When we laugh at the fields of regret.



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