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Alice Cooper: I Like Girls

Alice Cooper: I Like Girls .


I bought a Porsche
And Im leavin Grand Rapids
Quit my job, quit my school,
Quit this place
My mother cried
My father was fried
Hey, Ive got no time, man
I wanna say goodbye to my babes
I like girls

I dumped Sheila on Thursday
Ill drop Melissa today
Ill kiss some tears off of Donna
Ask if shell call on Shauna
Amanda, and Sandra and Kay
I like girls, I love em to death

Hey Valentino! You goin somewhere?
You wouldnt sneak out on me, would you?
Whats that a blond hair?
He must visualize himself an Errol Flynn

I see myself a suave sophisticated lover
Ill meet a rich hot old Hollywood dame
You see, my ultimate goal
Will be my life bein told
In a penthouse letter that I can frame
And keep at home.
I like girls, I love em, oh yeah

New luggage? Did you say you were going
Somewhere? Oh, just out for some fresh air.
Does she have a nice pair?

He was swallowed alive by the freeway
Turned into an ant on parade
He bravely drove off that beast
Aimed his car back to the east
Why be a snack at home?
Im a feast, for the girls
I like girls, I really like em

Well, well, well. Look whos back. Run out of gas?
Patty, I was just gonna call you. Look...
I left Donna and Shauna
And Katy and Carrie
Melissa and Dena
I just didnt have any use for em
I just want you
Really, no really, honest!

Oink off!



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