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Alice Cooper: I Love America

Alice Cooper: I Love America .


I love that mountain with those four big heads
I love Velveeta slapped on Wonder Bread
I love a commie... ifn hes good and dead, yup
I love America

I love Old Glory and homemade pie
I think them Ruskies should be sterilized
I love my chicken Kentucky Fried...
Finger Lickin Good!

Hey there, this is A.B. Cooper from
Coopers Carnival of Clean and Classic Cars
Its our Fourth of July ... sale.
Here at Coopers Carnival of Clean and Classic Cars
At the corner of Collins and Commerce
Ive got lot full of the finest funny looking cars money can buy
At prices even you can afford
So come on down and say hello to me, and granny
And bring the kids to meet my snake
I say, "bye"
Granny says, "bye"
and the snake says, "sssssssssss"

I love General Patton in World War II
My Pocket Fisherman and my Crazy Glue
I love the Beav and Wally too, yeah
I love America

I love the bomb, hot dogs and mustard
I love my girl, but I sure dont trust her
I love what the Indians did to Custer
I love America

Here they come!
There they go!

I love my jeans and I love my hair
I love a real tight skirt and a real nice pair
And on the fourth of July, I love the rockets red glare
I love America

I watch the A-Team every Tuesday night
I graduated, but I aint to bright
I love Detroit cause I was born to fight
I love America

I love the Tigers but I hate the Mets
I ride my Hog but I race my Vette
I gotta job, but hell Im still in debt
I love America

I love my bar and I love my truck
Id do most anything to make a buck
I love a waitress who loves to... flirt!
Theyre the best kind
I love America
Turn me on
Well, I gotta go now
I love America
Bye Bye, I tell you what though, I really do love it
You aint going to catch me at no mayday rally



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