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Alice Cooper: My God

Alice Cooper: My God .


If I should find myself in blackest night,
And fear is stabbin me all over,
A tiny prayer cracks the dark with light,
And I here sounds behind my wall
Inside, a still small voice, it calls and calls
Then like a thunder bolt it falls and falls:
My God!

When life becomes more real than childrens games,
Or weve become too old to play them,
Well grow old gracefully,
Well hide our shame
But theres that voice behind the wall
And like my conscience, it is still and small
Each word is mercy, protects us all:
My God!

"Et in lux perpetuo"
"Deu domine"
"Et in pax aeternus"
"Deu domine"

I was a boy, when tempted, fell sometimes,
And fell so low, no one could see me,
Save for the eyes of Him that sees my crime
When sheep, like me, have drifted lost,
All frightened children who are tempest tossed,
Down flies His wrath like an albatross:
My God!



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