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Black Eyed Peas: Sexy

Black Eyed Peas: Sexy .


[Verse 1:]
I took your picture, with one particular reason
And it's to capture your character
I like to sit and stare at 'cha
Ain't nothing wrong with staring at 'cha
Girl don't get scared that I envision us getting married
And I ain't trying to rush nutting
Cuz I ain't rushing
It'll take a time like, what's them things that move slow you know them...
Damn..I can't think cuz you on my mind...
And when you on my mind can't find anything to ryhme with ryhme
I'll gotta ryhme rhyme with mixture
And speakin' of mixture
With you I wanna get mixed up
I'm like a record and you're like a record
So let's let the dj mix us
You're like an elixir
That's got me tipsy
This is just like ripplets
Believe it or not girl but I love you

Girl you really got me goin'
Outta control
I don't know what i'm doin'
Let's let it go
And do what we do best
Take off our clothes
We look better undressed

Let's get sexy
Let's get sexy
Sounds so good
Sounds so good
Fighting is righting
Fighting is righting
Let's get sexy
It's so much more exciting

[Verse 2:]
For you i'm a fanatic
I'm a addict
You're sexy antics turn me on like automatic
No need to get dramatic
But I gotta have it
(gimme gimme gimme gimme)
Gimme some of them sexual acrobatics
Kama sutra girl, anything that suits you girl
Things you ain't used to girl
Come over here and let me show you just how will you do it
I'm a freak and you knew it
You're a freak and I knew it
Baby let's get to it


It's called the s e x x x x
(yes yes yes)

[Verse 3:]
You take me to extasy
Without taking extasty
It's exactly like extasy
When you laying right next to me
I'm sexing you sexing you
You sexing me sexing me
It's feels so damn natural
But we doing so naturally
I'm liking you rubbing me
And you liking me rubbing you
The passion's immaculate
While you loving me loving you
I put l-o-v-e in you
I love me putting me in you
Make love to you
Just like sergio mendez play piano



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