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Nelly Furtado: I Am

Nelly Furtado: I Am .


I think Ive been here before
Yeah Ive been right here
With you walking out the door
And I wont fight it
I think you already know
Dont try to hide it
You know this time I will go
And I wont come back

You said you would
Be so different
And your old habits
You would switch them
Look at this picture
Could it get any clearer?
But youre wasting my time

And if you see me walking by
You dont have to spend your time
Asking me if Im alright
Do I look smarter?
Do I look stronger?
Does it make you wonder?
Well I am, well I am

I think Ive seen you before
With that sullen face
Telling me that you dont know why Im so angry
While you were having some fun
You left me right here
You said you loved me so much

And I dont want you to say youre sorry
I know its a deeper story
Youre not fine well
I'll ignore it
cause I made up my mind


Look at the stars now baby
Dont let it drive you crazy
And you said
Baby they're calling out youre name
And I said maybe I dont want to be your baby no more


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