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Deceitful eyes, she's got those come get me thighs
she only knows how low that she can go
She speaks the lines that can control my mind
Wherever she goes I know my eyes follow
She blew a kiss, I swear that it was meant
only for me, then spoke with her body
her only goal is just to take control
And I can't believe that I can?t tell her no

That girl I can't take her
should have known she was a heartbreaker
that girl I can't take her
should have seen right through her she's a heartbreaker
That girl I can't take her
should have seen it coming heartbreaker
that girl I can't take her
should have seen right thriough her
she's a heartbreaker

She plays a game with such an innocent face
I didn't know heartbreaking was her case
Her actions confess and put me through the test
I was surprised that I was caught inside
Now she's thinking that I will never know
ans she'll keep playing until I let her go
But I hope in time that she will finally realize
I'm onto her game and she'll get played the same


I never thought that I would stop dreamin' about you
Stop being without you
But everyone told me so, to stop caring about you
and start being without you
but I'll find a way to go and start doin' without you
and stop talkin' aboout you
and what will she say?
She will say I was the man that got away

[RAP ]
You Playing Huh, I Thought It Was Love With This Game Huh
When Your Dealing With The Emotions Of Pain Huh
Take A Closer Look When Your Dealing With A Stranger
I Can't Change Her, No
Heart Murder In Place Then You'll See
A One Hill From Pepsi They See
One Hard Player, She's A Star Player
I Need This Crap Huh
I Didn't See The Heartbreaker, So Come On




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