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Michael Jackson: Little Christmas Tree

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I watch the snowflake fall
Against my window pane
And wonder if you
Are watching snowflakes too
I take a walk downtown
To where you used to meet me
There's joy everywhere
But all that waiting there is

Just a little Christmas tree
Lookin sorta sad and lonely just like me
No one seems to care
They just went away and left it standing there
All alone on Christmas eve

I hear the Christmas bells
(Bum Bum Bum)
The happy people singing
The songs of good cheer that only brings me tears
I sadly close my eyes
and say a little prayer
you'll be waiting there for me
I look but all I see is


This is the season of love
(This is the season of love)
But I'm as sad as I can be
(sad as can be)
Why did you have to leave me
(Why did you leave me)
(Why did you leave me)




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