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Linkin Park: Carousel .


She cant hide no matter how hard she tries
Her secret disguised behind the lies
And at night she crys away her pride
With eyes shut tight staring at her inside
All her friends know why she cant sleep at night
All her family asking is she alright
All she wants to do is get rid of this hell
Well all shes got to do is stop kiddin herself
She can only fool herself for so long [x3]
Im to weak to face me
(she can only fool herself)

I never know just whyd you run so far away far away from me [x2]

When it comes to hide to live his life you cant be told
Says he got everything under control
Thinks he knows hes not a problem hes stuck with
But in reality it would be a problem to just quit
An addict and he cant hold the reigns
The pain is worse cause his frineds have it the same
Trys to slow down the problem hes got
But cant get off the carousel till he makes a stop
He can only fool himself for so long [x3]
Im too weak to face me
(he can only fool himself)

[Chorus 2x]


[Chorus 2x]



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