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Modern Talking: All I Have

Modern Talking: All I Have .


Oh, It's Now Or Never-It's No Empty Way
I Will Stay Forever-Babe, What Can I Say?
I Miss You Like Crazy-Where Did You Sleep Last Night?
Nobody Knows You Baby-Please Stay Here By My Side.

And All I Have And All I Need And All I Want is You Tonight
And All I See And All I Feel is Just Holding You So Tight
All I Miss And All I Dream And All I Want i , is Your Sweet Love
And All I Know And All I Say is That I Can't Get Enough

My Love is Getting Stronger-My Love is Here To Stay
I Can't Wait No Longer-Baby, Make My Day
Oh, Tonight I'm Lonely-So Lonely Without you
Know That You the Only And That My Heart is True

All I Missed, It's You
Wherever I Go-I Miss You
And I Need You



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