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Ne-Yo: Waiting

Ne-Yo: Waiting .


Six o'clock, seconds feel like hours
As I sit here and watch them tick away
And just the thought of seeing you again
I wanna dance
I've longed for this day

So I'll be waiting
Cuz I can't smile until I see your smile
I'll be waiting
There's nothing else that I would rather do
I'll be waiting
Cuz I can't sleep until I feel your touch
I'll be waiting
Patiently I'll wait right here for you
Waiting for you

Twelve a.m., crowd is getting thin
But that's okay cuz I'm not here for them, no
I refuse to move from this spot
Until I feel your heart
Pressed against mine again
(oh baby)


I don't care how long it takes
I don't mind, I'll sit and wait
Till the sun goes down and comes back up again
Cuz you're the best thing in my life,
Without you it just ain't right
So take as long as you like
I'll still be waiting


I'll be waiting



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