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Prodigy: Breakin Bells'

Prodigy: Breakin Bells' .


(lyrics that are in parenthenses are uncertain)
(if you can correct these parts, please email me!)

When it comes to smokin' lyrics (then this rapper's on track? )
(production ? ? ? between my brain I will wreck? )
No matter what the job I'm asked I'll always do it well
My skill my perpetual I'll only excel
(to a power I'll remain? ) superior to all
I'll handle any task no matter big or small
For my rapping capability, I'm never underrated
When it comes to smokin lyrics, I'm always nominated.
I'm the number one contender in the hip-hop race
(all the penalties I'm falling from for? ) now u must face
The ultimate challenger, of course that's me
Super rapper t-la rock, I'm the (greatest? ) mc
With my voice so stimulating, feels so seductive
One can't help but find themselves reluctant
To attend the performance of another vocalist
(and so it will follow to rap like this? )



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