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Prodigy: Take It To The Top

Prodigy: Take It To The Top .


Yea-yea, ah-huh, wooooo, Alchemist whutup my nigga?
Yea it's on niggaz, we back, know what I mean?
Do it one more time for these niggaz man
It's another one

Uh-huh, ayo
Everybody hit the floor, its fuckin' goin' down
Manny's better know the time, niggaz better hold it down
This is the big one, you only get once
Do it right, do it right now and do it to his dunn
Ha, I'll show you about power, money and respect
Whether you're a coward, broke with no strength
Ten G's outta of the bank, we gon' do it up
Ten G's off the street, 'til that make it dub
On the bub in the brown water, in the bud
Lose this



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