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. Biography of Alfred Hitchcock

. Biography of Alfred Hitchcock.

Alfred Hitchcock (13.08.1899 - 29.04.1980) - American film director

Alfred Joseph Hitchcock was a brilliant film director and (screen-) writer. He was the master of creating a tense atmosphere on screen. Many critics attribute the creation of modern thriller to Hitchcock. His glory doesnt fade over the years, but only grows stronger. His films are still highly demanded and popular.

The future genius was born on August 13, 1899 in one of the London suburbs. Little is known about his childhood, but they say his great grandfather lived in Stratford and was a fisherman. His father was a grocer, while his mother was busy raising three children and looking after the house. In fact, Alfred was the youngest child in the family.

As a kid he showed some signs of emotional disturbance. First of all, he had obsessive need for cleanness. Secondly, he had a number of fears and phobias. In addition, in early childhood he spent some time in a police cell for minor offence. Some critics believe this fear of policemen and unjust punishment lived in the writers soul till the end of his life. At the same time his subconscious feeling of persecution was so strong that it was embodied in his works.

At the age of fifteen Alfred entered the London School of Engineering. He also attended the course dedicated to art history. In the midst of the First World War he volunteered to join the army, but having excessive weight he was kept in the reserve. As a teen he started showing interest in cinematography. When he was twenty-one he managed to get a designers job in Paramount branch based in London.

He soon became the head of the titles department. In 1923 at last he got a chance to try his talent in film-directing. He started working on the picture Number 13 which stayed unfinished though. Two years later he directed his first film The Pleasure Garden. A little later he released, according to his own opinion, his first serious work - The Lodge: A Story of the London Fog.

It was the first time when he turned to the genre of thriller and the first time when he shortly appeared in the movie. These tiny appearances in his own films became the directors distinctive style. In 1929 he shot the first sound movie in British cinematography. For decades he continued shooting detective stories and thrillers. In 1937 he received an honorable award from New York Critics Guild. Starting from that time he moved to the USA and worked for Hollywood.

During his life Alfred created a great number of motion pictures, but the one that everybody remembered was The Birds. It was the story about the human encounter with the hostile and inexplicable forces of nature. His last film was shot in 1976. People often call him the master of suspense. At the same time his Psycho is still on the list of best American movies. The great director died in 1980 in his own house in Bel Air, California.

. Biography of Alfred Hitchcock
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