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. Biography of Alla Pugacheva

. Biography of Alla Pugacheva.

Alla Pugacheva (15.04.1949) - Russian singer.

Alla Pugacheva is a famous Russian singer, actress, composer and a successful producer. She has both an iconic status across the former Soviet countries and international recognition. In 1997, she participated in Eurovision. Her repertoire includes more than 500 songs in various languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English, Hebrew, French, etc. She was born on April 15th, 1949 in Moscow. Her parents were both war veterans. Alla was their second child. From the very childhood she had passion for music and singing. At the age of five, she appeared on stage for the first time. She grew up in the postwar environment and that influenced her character a lot. At school Alla had behavior problems, nevertheless she was a diligent student.

In 1964, she graduated from music school and went to study at the Ippolitov-Ivanov music. Despite the fact that she could become a promising pianist, she chose to study at the choral-conducting department. One year later she recorded her first track Robot. In 1969, she was offered the place of a soloist in one Lipetsk vocal-instrumental band. In 1974, she joined the band Merry Folks. As a part of this band, Alla got Golden Orpheus for her song Harlequin. After that she started working with a prominent Soviet composer Michael Tariverdiev. She sang his song in Eldar Ryazanovs film The Irony of Fate. In 1977, she appeared in the musical film The Woman Who Sings.

She soon became highly recognizable and famous. Her voice was considered to be best across the USSR. Along with her concert activity, she participated in many festivals and song contests. Thus, in 1974 she got the third prize at the fifth All-Union competition. In 1978, she received the Grand Prix at the Polish festival Sopot-78 for her song Kings can do everything. In June 1982 she performed in Paris at the Olympia hall. In November of the same year she gave a concert in Italy. In 1988, she created and led the studio Song Theater. As an artistic director of the theater she organized numerous tours for the beginner artists. Most of them later became popular stars.

At the beginning of the 21st century, Alla became the honored Diva of the Russian scene. She was the co-organizer of the festival Song of the Year, the official Muse of the annual contest New Wave in Latvia. In March of 2005 the Diva decided to quit the stage. She gave a series of farewell concerts across the country and publicly declared that her concert activity is over. During her life Pugacheva had several husbands. With her first husband, who was a Lithuanian circus performer, she had a daughter Kristina. Her third husband was the co-producer of Song Thater. Her next husband was Philipp Kirkorov - one of the most popular singers in Russia. He was eighteen years younger than Alla. At the moment, she is in relationship with a popular comedian Maxim Galkin.

. Biography of Alla Pugacheva
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