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Beatles: Los Paranoias

Beatles: Los Paranoias .


Joe Praries and the prarie walliflowers
Los Paranoias
Los paranoias invites you to (I can't make it)
To just enjoy us (I can't make it)
Come on you can do it baby
Come on and join los paranoias
Just enjoy us
Los paranoias
Oh! los paranoias
Come on and join us (harmony)
Los paranoias
Come on enjoy us
Well! los paranoias
We're here to sing for you
And whenever you want us to
We will sing a little song for you
Los paranoias...

<below is added >

You know you sit back by the fire, by the fire
baby come and get higher
with Los paranoias
Just enjoy us
Sit back and enjoy the paranoia of paranoias
and you take some drum
Ha! Los paranoias
We want you to enjoy us
[spoken gharrison] That's very good material



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