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. Biography of Benjamin Franklin

. Biography of Benjamin Franklin.

Benjamin Franklin (17.01.1706 - 17.04.1790) - American politician

B. Franklin was an outstanding US diplomat, politician and leader. At the same time he was a gifted journalist, scientist and a writer. Many people think he was the president of the country at some point. In fact, he did much more than any president could. B. Franklin entered the history as the only person from founding fathers of the USA, who signed all three important documents that formed the independence of the country.

The portrait of this influential person can now be seen on the 100-dollar bill. The future politician was born on January 17, 1706, in Boston, in the family where he was the 15th child. His father was an English immigrant who worked as a craftsman. He wanted to give his children good education, but financially ready for that.

Benjamin studied only a couple of years at school and then he joined other brothers at work. For many years printing was the main occupation for the future politician. In1727 at the age of twenty-one he opened his own printing press in Philadelphia. This city became his all-time residence. Nowadays tourists can see a huge monument built by Philadelphians in memory of B. Franklin. The next year he organized and ran a group of merchants and artisans.

Fifteen years later this organization was transformed into the Philosophy circle. While working for press, Benjamin was the publisher of several state-owned newspapers. Starting from 1750s he worked as a Postmaster. Approximately at that time his political career began. In 1754, during the first Albany Congress he was among those who initiated and led the event.

Later, he proposed a plan for the colonial unification. His authority along with his material well-being quickly strengthened. Three years later he was delegated to London, where he stayed till 1775. When he returned to the USA, he was instantly delegated to the Continental Congress II to work on the well-known Declaration. B. Franklin occupied many other honorable posts and was undoubtedly one of the most respectable leaders in the American history.

He is remembered as an extremely versatile person and an outstanding scientist. When he died in 1790 in Philadelphia, his funeral gathered unbelievably huge crowds. In fact, during his life Franklin belonged to the largest Masonic circle. As an inventor he made valuable contributions in the field of physics, namely in the field of electricity and electrical power.

. Biography of Benjamin Franklin
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