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Black Sabbath: Eternal Idol

Black Sabbath: Eternal Idol .


No one said it had to be this way
Why are we the victims of their final word
Dying world is killing us so slowly
I believe no god may save us now

Cant you see what I see
Sinners say your prayers tonite
Your judgement day is here

Child of tomorrow will die, not even
Born, Jesus our questions
He never seems to hear
Dying for the answers may be
The price we pay, to find the
Key to our lives
Is there a heaven is there a hell
Whos this god, tell me theres
No god above, why

We chose what Lord, deep
Within our souls
Hes not one thing,
We are his spirit
We could save this world
From destruction day
Cant you see what I see

Can you hear me crying, yeah
Oh God, can you help me now
Take my hand
Oh God

You and I victims of their word
As the masters of power
Try to poison our world
Greed money taken over
Their souls, youre
Just mechanical brains
Politicians dont know
They just dont know

We can change this world we live in
Dont let it die



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