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Blue System: Can This Be Love?

Blue System: Can This Be Love? .


Why does a man has to be strong?
Why does a love is bad and wrong?
Why does a girl has to be weak?
And my angel never speak?
Why does a secret never fly?
All my hope will ever die

An empty road - a broken light
A bitter love - I feel inside
We'll never make it - that's clear
You hypnotised me in my fear
I give my flesh, my blood, my heart
You want my money - broke apart
My heart can build a bridge to you
Love is the mission, you're the fool
What can I do to change your mind?
What kind of boy you want to find?

Can this be love?
I'm losing you
I fell in love
Now, I'm your fool
Can this be love?
The price is high
To ruin my life
For lipstick lies
Can this be love?
Hold on to me
Don't leave me here
Come in my dream

A city light - the friends are gone
My heart is searching - I'm alone
There's no me, babe without you
How could an angel make me blue
Kissing a lie is hard to know
But I'm the biggest fool of all
How can you stop the sun to shine?
You are my friend - I thought you were mine
I can not read between your lies
It's you my babe who never tries



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