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Blue System: That's Love

Blue System: That's Love .


Go - if you want go
Stay - if you don't know

Friends - stay together baby, call me I'll be there
Feel - what you wanna feel
Mine - oh love's so real
Friends - we're forever baby, here and everywhere
Don't - keep your distance
Don't - lose your resistance
Don't - you want my heart?

That's love - we'll win again
This love is like an ocean
That's love - it's not a game
How deep is your emotion?
That's love - a burning flame
This love is like a fire
That's love love - it's not the same
You can't stop the desire

Call - if you want me
Fall - if you can't see
Try - if you want to try all of my sweet heart
Words - don't come easy
Words - they can hurt me
Friends - stay together baby never break apart
Don't - play fire
Don't - stop desire
Don't - you want my heart?



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