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. Biography of Bruce Lee

. Biography of Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee (06.02.1945 - 11.05.1981) - Chinese actor and sportsman.

Bruce Lee (nee Lee Jun-fan) was an outstanding martial arts instructor, a film actor, a screenwriter, a philosopher and a founder of Jeet Kun Do. He was a well-known reformer in the field of Chinese martial arts. His acting career began when he was a little child and he starred in 36 films. The fighter was born on November 27th, 1940 in San Francisco. His father was a comedian of Cantonese-Chinese opera. His mother had Eurasian roots. She was half German and half Chinese. For the first time, he appeared on TV when he was only three months old. He played the role of a little girl in Golden Gate Girl. His next role was in The Birth of Mankind. He was six years old then. Martial arts interested him since childhood, but he wasnt seriously engaged in it till he was 18.

When he was 14, he took dance lessons. Several years later he won the dance championship. In 1958 he started participating at school competitions in boxing. Then he decided to take up kung fu. His first kung fu teacher was amazed how quickly he mastered the basics. He could learn certain movements in just three days, while others spent weeks on this. In 1956, in Hong Kong he studied Wing Chun style of kung fu. Since then, it was his main style. Bruce Lee made a significant contribution to popularize this style and he took part in several films about it, including Fist of Fury. The main idea of this style was to fight without weapon. Later, he mastered judo, jiu-jitsu and boxing. He gradually developed his own style of martial arts known as Jeet Kun Do.

When he was 19, he went to Seattle to work at his fathers friends restaurant. He did that to prove his American citizenship. While he was working as a waiter, he attended art classes and Edison Technical School. After that he entered the University of Washington, where he studied philosophy. When he was 24, he met his wife Linda Lee Cadwell. A couple had two children. At that time, Bruce began acting in television series, performing martial arts. He quickly became popular and many prominent people wanted to be among his students. He opened his own school of martial arts, which brought him financial independence. However, he was sad not to get the main roles in the movies. Thats why he decided to leave the USA and return to Hong Kong.

In 1971 he opened his own studio Golden Harvest, which eventually became very famous. He persuaded Raymond Chow to give him the main role in Big Boss and to allow him to stage the fight scenes. The risk paid off - the film was an unprecedented success. Bruce Lee basically changed the idea of martial arts in the movie. After that he was asked to make two more movies with a solid budget: Fist of Fury and Return of The Dragon. These films were even more successful and made him a superstar. The actor suddenly died in July, 1973. While working on the film Game of Death he suffered a strong headache. After taking a painkiller with aspirin and meprobomate he went to sleep and never woke up.

. Biography of Bruce Lee
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