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Charles Dickens (7.02.1812 9.06.1870) - English writer.

Charles Dickens was one of the greatest writers of his time. By many he is regarded as the best English novelist of the 19th century. The fictional characters that he invented are well known today. His best works included Great Expectations, David Copperfield. He was born on February 7th, 1812, in the family of a navy officer. They often moved from one place to another. Even when they settled in London, Charles attended the Baptist school in Chatham. By 1824 his father made numerous debts and Charles had to work at the Blacking Factory for six shillings a week. Soon, his grandmother died leaving him a solid pension. The boy got a place of a parliamentary reporter at the newspaper. At the same time he attended the Wellington College.

At the age of 15, he started working as a junior clerk at one law office. Three years later he became a reporter at the Morning Chronicle. This job was perfect for him and his works were quickly noticed by the reading public. From now on, literature was his main passion. His first essay was printed in 1836, but it wasnt the call of success yet. Loud success expected him after The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club. With a slight touch of humor he depicted old England with its wide variety of sides. The next outstanding book was released in 1838. It was a story about Oliver Twist - an orphan boy who grew up in the slums of London. The writers fame and glory grew rapidly. Even in the young capitalist America, where he was in the early 1840s, he was greeted with utter enthusiasm. After returning to England he wrote a remarkable parody Martin Chezlvita.

In 1843, he worked on a beautiful story about Christmas traditions and ceremonies. After that he was appointed as a chief editor of Daily News. In the following years the novelist reached the heights of his fame, publishing Dombey and Son, Little Dorrit and other successful novels. By middle age he seemingly achieved everything one could ever wish for. However, all the riches he had didnt bring him peace and happiness. Although the writer was married and had eight children, he had an affair with a well-known actress. Under the influence of his internal contradictions he wrote a social novel Hard Times (1854). His last book was full of gloomy thoughts and remained unfinished. Ch. Dickens died in June, 1870, at his home, after a stroke.



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