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Edgar Allan Poe (19.01.1809 - 07.10.1849) - American writer.

Edgar Allan Poe was an outstanding American writer, poet and essayist. He was also a literary critic and editor. Some people accept him as the father of modern detective story. Poe was born on January 19, 1809, in the acting family.

The life of touring actors involved constant travelling which wasnt easy with little children. So, Edgar was temporarily left to live with his grandfather. When he was still little his mother died, while his father left their family long before that. As a result, Edgar was adopted by John Allans family who was a rich merchant.

Later on, he was educated at a prestigious boarding school in England. At the age of fifteen he entered a prestigious university. As a student he was often seen gambling and drinking, which provoked a series of conflicts with his stepfather. After one of such conflicts he left his home. His literary career began around 1827, when he published a collection of poems.

For two years he served at the army under a false name. Surprisingly, his foster parents helped him financially to publish new books in Boston. They were all poems, which didnt have that much success at first. In 1930 he entered the Military Academy, which he soon left. This step caused the final break with his father and Poe found himself again on the verge of poverty.

As a serious writer he launched his first book in 1833. It was called A manuscript found in a bottle. This work was published in a popular Baltimore paper. Most of his publications made during 1830s were later put into a famous two-volume almanac. At the age of twenty-seven the writer married his cousin Virginia Eliza and moved to New York in search for a better-paid job.

Due to crisis he had to forget about this idea. After all he moved to Philadelphia and lived at his mother-in-laws house. He worked for several magazines there and published about thirty stories. One of his most famous books The Fall of the House of Usher appeared at that time. It was an autobiographical novel.

Starting from 1840s he worked on a number of detective stories, which brought him national recognition. However, he became world famous after writing the poem The Raven (1845). He had an innovative approach to poetry and verse composing, which couldnt go unnoticed. Two years later his wife fell ill. Poe himself fell into a deep depression and started drinking a lot.

The poet died in 1849 at the age of forty. He was found in an unconscious state after one of his railroad trips and brought to Baltimore hospital. The cause of his death is still a subject of numerous debates. His original style of writing has later found many followers in Europe, among them Wilde, Balmont, Bryusov and some other prominent writers.



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