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C3.Task 1 (3 3.5 minutes)
Give a talk on mass media.
Remember to discuss:

whether mass media are important to modern people, why
how reliable they are in the presentation of information, why
which source of information you consider the most accurate, why
what you think about the Internet as a source of information.

You will have to talk for 1.5 2 minutes. The examiner will listen until you have finished. Then she/he will ask you some questions.

C4.Task 2 (3 4 minutes)
Your friend and you are asked to organize a special event during the Arts Week for senior classes of your school. You can choose from:

picture exhibition
photo competition

Discuss with your friend and choose the one you both would like to be responsible for.
You begin the conversation. The examiner will play the part of your friend.
Remember to:

discuss all the options
be polite
take an active part in the conversation:

? explain the situation
? come up with your ideas
? give good reasons
? find out your friends attitudes and take them into account
? invite your friend to come up with suggestions

come to an agreement


Warm up

1. Do you like going to school?
2. What are your favourite classes/subjects?
3. What do you like doing in your free time?

Task 1 (3 3.5 minutes)
Let the student talk for 1.5 2 minutes.
Ask only those questions which the student has not covered:

1. Are mass media important to modern people? Why?
2. How reliable are they in the presentation of information? Why?
3. Which source of information do you consider the most accurate? Why?
4. What do you think about the role of the Internet in providing true to life information?

Finally, you should ask each student the following:*

- Do your parents buy or subscribe to newspapers or magazines regularly? Why?
- Do you watch TV regularly? Why?
- Have the mass media ever influenced your behaviour? How?


The student is expected to demonstrate her/his ability to:

- speak at length elaborating on the topic;
- produce coherent utterances;
- give reasons;
- use accurate grammar structures and a good range of vocabulary appropriate to the context and function.

* , - , : Youve mentioned it already but could you repeat it, please


Task 2 (3-4 minutes)
You are discussing what special event to organize during the Arts Week. These are your ideas about each option:

  + -
A picture exhibition - I think everyone likes to draw since childhood. So this idea may appeal to our friends. - I dont really like this idea. It seems childish to me.
- It takes a lot of time first to collect the pictures then to place them on the wall.
A musical - We could perform a piece from a famous musical. They are very popular now. - The idea is not bad, but it requires many peopleto be involved, plus time to rehearse.
- Costumes may become a problem.
A disco - I am in favour of this idea. We could invite some pop group and dance to live music. - I think we all are bored to death with school discos.
- Not everyone likes to dance.
A photo competition - A fresh idea. I am sure that everyone has got an album with exciting pictures that will be interesting to look at. - I am not sure that this idea will interest our schoolmates.
- Its difficult to compare photos of different genres.

Note: Make sure all the options have been discussed.
When discussing each option first use the information that is contrary to what the student says. You may choose to make use of some ideas only.
Do not speak first all the time but ask the student what s/he thinks about the options.
Invite the student to come up with her/his suggestions, especially if s/he readily agrees with the things you say. If the student says all the time, What do you think about it? without expressing her / his own opinion, say, Sorry, I dont know. or Im not sure. How do you feel about it?


The student is expected to demonstrate her / his ability to:

initiate and maintain conversation:
? explain the situation
? come up with suggestions
? give good reasons
? find out the partners attitudes
? invite the partner to come up with suggestions
? agree or disagree with her / his partners opinion
reach an agreement by taking into account the partners attitudes.



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