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Eminem: Cocaine

Eminem: Cocaine .



[Jazmine Sullivan]

This game's like cocaine

[Jazmine Sullivan]
I want this more than anything in the world

Ha, so do I. At least I thought I did.

[Jazmine Sullivan]
Got to have it
Yeah, I made it
I'm addicted
Yeah, I'm feigning

This is a beat with no words at first
It's a blank painting
Exercising the mind is brain strength training
Starts off with something, like Shady's an insane maniac,
Yeah, Slim Shady, that's a zany name, ain't it?
Now all you need's an image to go with the name, baby
Wife beaters and white t-shirts, Hanes mainly
It's a long shot, but is it possible there's a lane, maybe?
If not, he's gonna have to come and change the whole game, ain't he?
He wants the fame so bad he can taste it
He could see his name up in lights
Women screaming his fickin' name, fainting
Shady did it, he sold out the whole dang stadium
Joe Schmoe made it, he took his Plain Jane lady and his baby Hailie out the trailer
But he ain't trailing anymore, he's ahead of the race
While maintaining his innocence
Little does he know, his train is derailing
And he's about to be raped by this game anally

[Jazmine Sullivan - Hook]
What would you do for it?
What would you give for it?
For that C.O.C.A.I.N.E.
'Cause once you get in, you don't wanna leave

Got to have it
Yeah, I made it
I'm addicted
Yeah, I'm feigning

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