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Eminem: Diss Me

Eminem: Diss Me .


I wanna fuckin apologize
What the fuck for
Well all the lies
I sit and wonder why we have balls as eyes
Why men couldn't just have penises wallet size
If I loved you I cud've called your house
But I wasn't sure
If me or you
Was insecure
That you could cure
All my pain
Or if it was just the goddamn rain
It just right ain't
I cudn't find the idea main
In you while shit I went down fuckin memory lane
Some days I wanted to be a comedian
There I find myself starin down at my feet again
I never wanted us to really meet again
But you had to go and work at that heat campaign
Some days I wanna run
Get away from all this sun
Go someplace where I can have some fun
I noticed i'm having none
So rescue me
I beg you please
I wanna touch slim shady and have my moment of eztreme stun
While I go home and act real crazy
Poisonin minds of real young ladies
Die until i'm an asshole at 80
And last but not least, I love you too mathers, hailie
Still wanna diss me
You mo'fuckin asshole u pissin here
Ima stop talkin bout breasts
Just now and then though cuz I still need to find the rest



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