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Eminem: Dumpin'

Eminem: Dumpin' .


Intro (Eminem):
Ayo, yo, this motherfucken Eminem, Dirty Dozen,
'Bout to show you how we set it when we come through,
Know what I'm sayin', word up, bitch motherfuckers better raise up,
Y'all motherfuckers better raise up, ayo buss it

I'ma pit-bull terrier, triple darin' ya, scarin' ya with a derringer,
Ready to make you wet like a Submariner, tearin' ya frame out with homicidal lines
Bringin' the drama an the trauma to ya mama's vital signs (Blaw!)
A verbal shot fired, this mic's been hot wired, uppercuts to your chin knockin' your snot skyward
Rappers wanna be screenplay actors, so I'm givin' them spine fractures,
Like linebackers on the Green Bay Packers, an roll over 'em backwards
Dirty Dozen, I'm someone you just don't wanna see like a nerdy cousin
So keep your distance when I get this tense, you see my fist clench
It's gonna be some bullets dispensed, you besta keep yo premescence fixed
Your mistense, any resistance, get you voided like mis-prints
You'll end up with no teeth left makin' a beef threat
When I look up on your set, don't get it twisted like Keith Sweat

Chorus (Eminem):
When I get the bussin, you best be get to jumpin'
I'm touchin' somethin', fool I'm comin' through dumpin'
My beat's bumpin', you hear it thumpin', that oughta tell you somethin'
Bitch I'm comin' through dumpin'
Bullets hit you, your heart stops pumpin', you blood starts clumpin'
I'm comin' through dumpin'
If you don't know you best make an assumption, I got you slumpin'
Fool I'm comin through dumpin'



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