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Eminem: Emulate

Eminem: Emulate .


Obie the person that came up and deverted
Cause of nervousness
That was solely the homie's verdict
It was worth it
Cause he changed, became so I observed it
Certain such of a purpose
Its like a different version
So much hurtin' and pain
Gave him game for certain
Thats why its curtains at his murder if you get him worked up
I'm so assertive on these motherfuckers actin' tougher
Had enough of
Isolating myself in a room
Writing poems for songs doin' the same in school
Now look what he became a fool
Cause he learned how to sustain his two
And obtain fame from you
Living hard but still Julliard
A god walks and ain't spent a day in a pew
Regardless of this I draw visual pictures when a nigga vents
So welcome to the art department



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