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Eminem: Freestyle 2

Eminem: Freestyle 2 .


Let me tell your first
When im done freestylin you'll need a fuckin hurst
Im white yeah im kinda like slim shady
And looking at you,ur probably hung like a baby.
I pissed you off with that one liner
But im sure ill do it again like a big tymer.
OK right now im gonna let you flow
And when im tired of hearin your shit ill let you know.

Its my turn and im gonna drop a bomb
Blow you up like a fucking Vietcong.
Im sick with the rhymes ive just said
Don't mind my face it's a little red.
Cuz im embarrassed to be up here its true
Its not cuz im scared its cuz im battling someone like you.
I mean jesus your rhymes aint even witty
And every one here knows your lyrics are shitty
But its ok cuz your tryin your best
And if you have a girlfriend im sure her backs like her chest
In other words you be fucking a guy
And don't tell me the excuse, its cuz I was high
Its cuz your like at the other fags who think their cool
But infact your really enjoy pushing it stool!

Im done ok I cant think of any thing else to say
Im at lost for words cuz my rhymes might be soundin gay
But then again we listened to your rhymes so I guess it would be ok.
Ill finish your off with a one liner and then im done.
This is the rhyme that with solididfy that I won.
I listened to every rhyme you've said
And it was all mumble jumble like your were giving some head.
Now remember im white so I don't belong in the rap game
But id be there before you cuz your lyrics where fuck in lame!!!



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