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Eminem: Freestyling

Eminem: Freestyling .


Why are u guys trying to freestyle for
We already know that ur mum is a fuckin hore
Ur dads callin for u hurry up son
I am on my knees to take it up the bumb
Son did u just cumm
Nah dad I think that was mum
Why do u try and battle against me
Ur just gona go bak to the sex from daddy
I dont know how people in this world could be gay
I have nothin against u people its just how can u put a dick up ur arse everyday
U people tryin to rap like eminem
Fobs at my school cant even afford a black pen
But they like the fucking men
Ur dad is probley havin sex with him know
And ur mum is gettin licked out by a fuckin cow
Enough of the family jokes
We all know that david beckem likes blokes
That faget isnt that good
Van nisterooy offerd him head
He said,
U pay me and I would
Mate doesnt victoria give u enough
Nah she is too lose and wants it up the bum
But now she is in toys and stuff
I got sick of her so I go for her our sons
OK right now im gonna let you flow
And when im tired of hearin your shit ill let you know



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