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Eminem: Hands on You

Eminem: Hands on You .


Baby im feeling the feelings you givin', Im feelin your style
N' im willing to let my guard down to figure u out
Im picturin your figure in a swimsuit whilin
Somewhere in the carribean islands
Cuz the vibe you giving me now
Feels like im a innocent child
A sinner whose never tempted when other womens around
Hands down this is my vow
I never heard a moan sound so profound
Wen a niggas diggin u out
The phone ring
U cuss them motherfuckers out
Quit calling the house
If I call u and rout
Its a drout u look out
Im on edge u put the palm of ur hand on my head and squeeze
Please believe I aint scared of commitment
Fuck head from them bitches
Wen u could do the same
But that respect is givin
Our intimacy is significantly different

[Chorus - Eminem]

You gon' ride for me
Then im gon ride for u
If u put ur mouth on me
Ima put my mouth on u
Together there aint nothing we cant do
Any problem we can see it through
Baby if you promise to be true
I will never put my hands on u
Come on and think about it



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