> >Eminem>I H8 U

/ Eminem: I H8 U,

/ Eminem: I H8 U, .

Alright yall I can't freestyle for shit but here goes
I have a mullet
You all call it a fullet
You think i'm a bitch
I'll show you its you i'll ditch
Your a faggot, a maggot
I think i'll call you doggot
Your my bro its all kol
But your a fool
Steppin' up to me
You have to see
You may be bigger, tougher
But my words are rougher
Your a dickhead
You stole the matteress off my bed
Lets go, come on
I'll take you
Your nothin' just like john
One more thing
FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

/ Eminem: I H8 U,
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