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Eminem: Jimmy Crack Corn

Eminem: Jimmy Crack Corn .


Man, let's go
Hey yo Fif'
Call 'em and tell 'em
It's time to hate us again
We're back


Jimmy can crack corn, but I don't care
My enemies crack corn, but I don't care
You can be black, white or a albino yeah
You can have corn rows inside your hair
I give a fuck if I don't like your stare
This bottle of wine goes upside your head
A little bit psycho, but I know that
Think you just don't say it, then I won't say it
See if you don't brag, then I don't brag
I know I'm bad, as long as I know I'm bad
I don't need y'all to co-sign no shit
You can just keep making them tired old threats
A little bit like the boy you cried wolf yeah
See me, but don't dare to try no shit
Cause you know that somewhere inside those layers
A rattlesnake's right there to bite your ass
And I can be so quiet and strike so fast
Like lightning bolts right out the sky go *blah
From outta nowhere, you might find your career
Come to an *err and I'm just like (Oh Yeah)

[Chorus - Eminem]

See us on them award shows, we're like (Oh yeah)
Can we get more of those, they're like (Oh yeah)
See us keep blowing up, we're like (Oh yeah)
See Jimmy can crack corn but I don't care
See me in the videos, I'm like (Oh yeah)
See me right up close, you're like (Oh Em)
And where is D12 at, they like (We over here)
And where the fuck we going, we're like (No where)



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