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Eminem: Just a Rap

Eminem: Just a Rap .


Anytime I rhyme my brain can up the time
To think that I write a few rhyme's but this is a pew sign
That means that I rhyme to much at the time
But let at at we love more such than I fuck
When I was 15 my mother tell me that I never can get clean
For the drugs that I shit mean
Its a couple of scene's to play a father of bean
But we all lover the jeans put ya mouth open and scream
Trough the pain that you ben trough there ain't a pew of few
Pully shully but cully that am a fucking bully
This ain't a truthfully the truth usually to we
But do we we do should we to but it is the world that I bully
A choose is there is nothing what the truth is girl



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