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Eminem: Maxine

Eminem: Maxine .


Maxine!! (Phone Rings)

[Maxine:] Hello
[Denaun:] Can I speak to Maxine?
[Maxine:] Yeah this is me what's up?
[Denaun:] What up?
[Maxine:] Who dis?
[Denaun:] Denaun
[Maxine:] Yeah what's up?
[Denaun:] What are you doing?
[Maxine:] Nothing, just laying in bed
[Denaun:] Huh?
[Maxine:] Nothing, just laying in bed
[Denaun:] Why?
[Maxine:] I don't know, thinking about something freaky to do
I know this crack fiend Maxine who needs a vaccine
She tests positive but tells you that her act's clean
Plus she got a sugar daddy
Asking every hooker that he takes in to crook her badly
If you mistook her sadly, on her reputation
You're in jepordation, if you ain't got no preparation
When you step away son, she got her face done
Looking provocative, she'll let you knock it if
You press the issue and get undressed to kiss you
If you match the price, otherwise she won't look at you twice
But when you catch the lice, or get the urgency
To go to the emergency cause it burns to pee
Don't bring your germs to me, cause I ain't trying to hear it
While your fighting you fucking disease trying to clear it (Maxine!!)



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