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Eminem: Music Box

Eminem: Music Box .


Yeah girl
Can you hear that?
It's playing our song
Are you sleepy?
Take a nap
You're not afraid of the dark are ya?

You hear the beat As it makes ya Not want to go to sleep
I knock on Dakota's door It's locked so I go to creep
'round the back with binoculars Not 'cause I want to peep
But because I'm hungry She smells like taco's I want to eat
Visions of hot choclatey marshmallows Also sweet
With sugar plums Oh look, here comes Marshall he's on your street
He's placing hot smoldering charcoals beneath your feet
Now walk on 'em He's dancing with carcasses cheek to cheek
Like a Thanksgiving turkey A holiday ham
Cinnamon sprinkled on toast With strawberry marmalade jam
Flavor my favorite graham crackers With Jon Benet Rams
I guess a modern day jack the ripper Is all that I am
My music box

Cause when the lights are off, I see the girl's asleep
But I can hear u my love, you keep calling me
I want the world to know, you mean the world to me
So when you call me to come, I will answer
Cause when the lights are off, I see the girl's asleep
I hear my music box, playing a song for me
So wont you whirl around, and do a whirl for me
And want you be my private dancer



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