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Eminem: My First Single

Eminem: My First Single .


So much for first single on this one
Shady's the label
Aftermath is the stable
That the horses come out erra
Of course we're about to stir up
Some shit thick as Mrs Buttersworth's syrup
It's the Mr. picked on Christopher Reeves
Just for no reason other than the just to tease him
Cause he was was his biggest fan, he used to be Superman
Now we're pouring liquor on the curb in his name for him
Eminem you wait till' we meet up again
Fucker I'm kicking your ass for everything you've ever said
It's one for the money two for the fucking show
Ready get set, let's go
Here comes the bucking bronco stomping and stampeding up the damn street
Like them buffalo soldiers, I told ya I'm bout' to blow
So look out below, Geronimo, motherfuckers is dominos
I'm on a roll, around and around I go
When will I stop? I don't know
Tryna pick up where the Eminem Show left off
But I know anything's possible
Though I'm not gonna top what I sold
I'm at the top of my game
That shit is not gonna change
Long as I got Dr. Dre on my team
I'll get away with murder
I'm like O.J. he's like my Cochran today
We keep the Mark Fuhrman tapes
In a safe, locked them away
Better watch what you say
Just when you thought you were safe
Them fuckers got you on tape
You swear to god you was playing
Whether or not you was little Joshua
Gosh I wish I could've told you to not do the same
Cause one day it could cost you your name

And this was supposed to be my first single
But I just fucked that up so,
Fuck it, let's all have fun let's mingle
Slap a bitch and smack a ho
This was supposed to be my catchy little jingle
That you hear on your radio
But shit's about to hit the shingle
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh No
Erra Oh Ah
Erra Oh Ah
Erra Oh Ah
Erra Oh Oh Ah Ah
Oh Ah Oh Ah
Oh Ah Oh Ah
Poo Poo Ca Co



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