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Eminem: My Fucking Lover

Eminem: My Fucking Lover .


Yeah Elton John, that gay mother fucker
He screwed with me and now he's my lover
No longer my brother but now he's
My hooker
I blow him on the matress
I ram it up his ass
And he just loves it and loves it and loves it!
He's my Fuckin Lover
We do it everytime
I make a rhyme
Whenever we sing
We turn each other on
We make sweet harmony
Together with a darn
But fuck shit bitch
I aint fuckin around
I'm givin it all I got
He's pissin on me
And all over the floor
Sick shit! That fucker don't
Wanna blow me no more
He's left for some dead ass bitch
So now I'm goin out with the Jay Z
He took a pee on me
And all this time the chicks thought I was straight
They didn't even know I asked
Elton John out on a date
He was my mate and my lover
I still think he's hot
Like that fucking robot from Futurama
And he's like my little puppet friend
I stick my dick up his ass
And we get it on hard!
He feels chunky and lard
So hard
So hard
He's My Fucking Lover
Elton John and I slept
In the same bed
And we were both naked
I can't get it oughtta my head



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