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Eminem: One Shot 2 Shot

Eminem: One Shot 2 Shot .


I told you all motherfuckers I was coming back
What now nigga what now what
You's the projects nigga

[Chorus (Eminem):]
One shot two shot three shots four shots
All I hear is gunshots this is where the fun stops
Bodies drop hit the floor music's off
Parties stop, everybody hit the door someone's licking shots off

You bitches is gone I'm dropped in the club
And I'm tryna run and get my motherfucking gun
(Nigga what about your wife)
Nigga fuck my wife I'm tryna run and save my motherfucking life
Oh shit, the shooter's comin'
Bitches hollarin, niggas is running
People shot all over the floor
And I'm tryna make it to the St. Andrew's door
That's the sound of the glock
Even DJ House fucked around and got shot
I done messed around and forgot my tech
I don't see nobody but Fab Five and Hex



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