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Eminem: R. A. K. I. M

Eminem: R. A. K. I. M .


Rak, Rak, Rak, Rak, Rak, Rak, Rak,

Intro X2

Rugged and rough thats how I do it

Allah, who I praise to the fullest

Keep it movin'

Stand alone

Its my crown, my world, my throne

Hey when Rak come along
Its a rap ya'll relax
The alminac
Just show me where the parties at
Seminars and tracks
Closed comas and cardiacs
Broads and cats screamin "oh my god, hes back"
Just amagine, I hit the lab and get it crackin
A thousand styles and one verse wearing the swiss patterns
Chicks get stabbed in the back til they have spasms
Known to spit a magnum or split a atom
Who would of known that jesus would come back to the ghetto
On that level
Like a black pharoah with packed metal
So black rebels, a black pedal
The pharoah with 5 bevels and take a word of rap
Gettin bazaarre, oh hardcore
This is for yall, the crib or the par
Playin when you get in the car
Chill at the bar, spit somethen or split a cigar
Get with yah dogs to bring along to the bar

Intro X2



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