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Eminem: Square Dance

Eminem: Square Dance .


People!! It feels so good to be back.
Ladies and gentleman, introducing the new and improved you know who

Never been the type to bend or budge
The wrong button to push,
No friend of Bush
I'm the centerpiece, you're the Maltese.
I am a pitbull off his leash,
All this peace talk can cease.
All these people I had to leave in limbo,
I'm back now,
I've come to release this info
I'll be brief and let me just keep shit simple.
Can-a-bitch don't want no beef with Slim?
Not even on my radar,
So won't you please jump off my dick
Lay off and stay off,
And follow me as I put these crayons to chaos from seance to seance,

[Chorus X2:]
You all c'mon now,
Let's all get on down,
Let's do-si-do now,
We're gonna have a good ol' time.
Don't be scared, 'cause there ain't nothing to worry about,
Let your hair down,
And square dance with me!



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