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Eminem: Straight Up Freestyle

Eminem: Straight Up Freestyle .


Its on now time to cut the cake
Fuck the jake tuck the blake
Got moves from the eight
Garrunteed to pump the straights
To busy drunk the case
They gottem off the waist
Smile wit a pumkin face
Fast enough to dodge the sprays
Stuff you in a trunk...escape
You want a problem
Fuck the bass
Up to states
Everything I wear is up to date
Flat bill cap
Garrunteed to be a white boy that can rap
Hot enough to get you crack
You run your mouth and talk smack
Im the reason people rap
Admit it im daddy mack
Pimpin in a cadillac
Dawg you better pull them back
Cause I drink that coffee brown
Bitches cant get off me now
Your gonna get a mouthful of rounds
I aint from the softy town
Bitches will crack your bones
Break your face call a doctor let him put it back in place
Yo this is lil edji aka joseph
Shout out to michelle and her crew and pimps that get they ladies crunk
Holla back!!!



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