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Eminem: Street Cred

Eminem: Street Cred .


Everybodys judged by the clothes they wear,
The main nightmare is that people will stop and stare
And the only care that people have in their minds is that
There's all kinds of calvin kleines, and pork rinds who cant
Read behind the lines, seems, all the buttons all the dreams
All the people in their teens are to keen on becomin the next
Best dressed queen.

The only ingredient that you will ever need
Seems to be such a fucked up one indeed
But all it takes is a bunch of fakes
To fuckin make you loose it, booze it 'n' snooze it
All the stupid magazines that you shitz have put to bed
Just makes people wanna fuckin improve their crappy street cred

Stupid Rap

Yo look this is my aint shit
I don't believing in rain shit
But I got my rips cuz this is my first hit
I sore and score the top tens
My multi platinum cd's don't even speaking some spanish
I got my range to be having a change young old to be cold
Eating in my lunch time im so big to be grow
Im holding my dick sorrry girls I can not him to show
You have one life do not miss to change to blow
My little friends are playing in the snow i just don't do in it
Fuck man im so cold shit man im so mad cuz I hate school
I just wan't it never so bad im tired and sick
I wanna lying in my bed but I come late I hate this grade
Fired from ooohhh shit why I am so affraid why I just don't doing it
I have to straight to be a slave bitch hold my caseHere is your money and now go away i don't wanna fuck
Maybe im stuck my crap shit out I don't feeling no rush
Ooke here bitch here is my shot and now you dong it
And come back the next week and you swallow it up(come on)



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