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Eminem: Three Six Five

Eminem: Three Six Five .


Yo I'm tryin to be the man of the day
Three six five a year
See the bullshit you sayin, Skam ain't tryin to hear (Fuck that!)
Bustin lyrics in the air
Keepin some up in the chamber

Yo Skam, what the fuck you doin?

Man, I'm releasin anger

Eminem :
I'm tryin to be the illest of the day
Three six five a year
See that bullshit you sayin, Shady ain't tryin to hear
Spittin lyrics in your ear
Keepin some up in the chamber

Aiyyo Shady what the fuck you doin?

I'm releasin anger
Man I'm tired of bein tired, everytime I wake up
Tired of these fake ducks, tired of bein late for the bus
Tired of all be blendin, and endin up datin sluts
So my facial expression stay stuck up, and shut the fuck up!
To the pity ass rappers, that ain't shit with out make-up, wake up
Gold diggin bitches, the buck stops here
The road to riches is closed for repair
So if the shoe ain't fittin, girl leave that shit alone
You aint Erykah Badu, what I look like Tyrone?
I rip your tissue out your ear
Spittin like I don't care
My hair look like I ain't come it, shit a damn near year
So I burn, zig-zag, I leave the next man with his heels up
Brain dead, and be reincarnated at a speed bump
When we done we stay hard, so you don't land shit
Suck Skam's dick, off of what a dead man spit
Yo that's it, I don't plan shit, you know how we go down
They need to slow down, and take a look who the hoe now
At every industry party, gettin so damn drunk
Can't remember the lass ass you kissed, or dick you sucked
Remind me of my ex, in the street got me veck
Tryin to roll up on Miami, leavin with a broke neck
Oh shit, leathal lyric equal land mind
I be stackin up Withe rappers like im throwin gas signs
And I'm, buck wild exposin the plain truth
You couldn't mess with me, fuckin shit up in the same room
Hey you, I don't know you but fuck it, let me get a dollar
For this bad car, that go along with the breath
Some show the mad bomb, and steal the show like a theft
Cause in Miami, the baby jammin like three up in the chamber
(Yo Skam what the fuck you doin?)




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