> >Eminem>Tickle Tickle Tickle!

Eminem: Tickle Tickle Tickle!

Eminem: Tickle Tickle Tickle! .


Dr Ross:

Christine, u love it when I stretch hey?
U love it when my arms go up like im about 2 get laid
I think i might prescribe u something 2 make u
Fuck like superman then dopey-d can rape u
The only bush im beatin' round is Leonie's
I wanna un-do my fly and wait 4 u 2 comb me
Whenever u leave I feel so lonely
U own me, p.s. fat shit I take head only


Im not in thinking mode
I feel like drinking ..oh
Those passionate nights
Hold up. Do u think im like some sort of bad kisser when im drunk?
How would u know? u know because who cares. I mean I do
But cosmo says if ur a sloppy kisser it means u just really
Wanna huh-huh that person.
So next time we're 2gether lits pick up the pace
Im sloppy but u can spit all over my face
But that wont happen because
Ha Ha!
U r never gonna kiss me Leonie is so stoopid.
Im not sick of hearing about her but it would
Be better if u actually came out feeling a little optimistic
About this cursed ass hopeless life.

I cant think



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