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Eminem: When We're Gone

Eminem: When We're Gone .


[Intro-D-Boi and New Shady]
Yo this is D-Boi and this song goes out to Ash
I hope you still know I'll pay you a lot of cash
[New Shady]
Yo and this song also goes
Out to my girl- Ashley
[Verse 1-D-Boi]
Have you ever felt for someone like you don't wanna leave 'em?
But you have to go 'cause you dont wanna hurt em
'Cause people are tryin' to hurt you
You can't risk them hurtin her too
you pack up and try to leave but hesitate
You know you gotta leave the fuckin state
All cause a girl turned your ass down
You know you've gotta leave the fuckin' town
Then about a mile down the road you think
You can't go down wit your ship, you can't fuckin' sink
When you get home, your gun's on the ground you pick it up
You slip in a pool of blood and you cant get up
You think it's over, you think it's all your fault
Then you look up and see her picture on the wall
You get up and think this the last show, better show it all
That's D-Boi, yeah baby D-Boi's crazy
New Shady made me, but tonight D-Boi is rock-a-bye baby
[Chorus 2x-EMINEM and D-Boi]
And when we're gone, just carry on dont mourn,
Rejoice every time you hear the sound of our voices
Just know that we're lookin' down on you smilin'
And we didnt feel a thing so people don't feel no pain, just smile back



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