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Eminem: Yellow Brick Road

Eminem: Yellow Brick Road .


What we have to do is deal with it when these individuals are young enough. If you wish to be
Saved, not in a religious sense but not to constitute what this country at times calls if or
Which over. We seem to be approaching an age of the gross. We all have this idea that we should
Move up from our parents station and each generation should do a little bit better.
Come on, let's cut the bullshit enough
Let's get it started, let's start addressing this issue and open it up
Let's take this shit back to basement
And we can discuss statements thats made on this tape
And its whole origin of the music that we all know and love
The music that we all enjoy the music you all accuse me of tryna destroy
Let's rewind it to 89 when I was a boy on the east side of Detroit
Crossing 8 Mile into Warren, into hick territory
I'd like to share a story, this is my story and cant no body tell it for me
You will well inform me, I am well aware that I don't belong here
You've made that perfectly clear, I get my ass kicked damn near everywhere
From Bel-Air shopping center just for stopping in there
From the black side all the way to the white side
OK there's a bright side a day that I might slide
You may call it a past I call it hauling my ass
Through that patch of grass over them railroad tracks
Oh them railroad tracks, them old railroad tracks
Them good old notorious oh well known tracks

[Chorus x2]
So lets go back
Follow the yellow brick road as we go on another episode
Journey with me as I take you through this nifty little place
I once used to call home sweet home



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