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Freddie Mercury (05.09.1946 - 24.11.1991) - British singer.

Freddie Mercury (nee Farrokh Bulsara) was a famous British rock singer and songwriter. He was best known as the lead singer of the Queen. He was the author of such world hits as We Are the Championship and Bohemian Rhapsody. Farrokh was born on September 5th, 1946, on the island of Zanzibar, in the family of Parsis. His name meant beautiful and happy. His father was a cashier at the Supreme Court. When he was six, his sister Kashmira was born. From 1954 he attended the St Peters School in Panchgani and lived with his uncle and aunt. His name was difficult to pronounce, so local kids started calling him Freddie.

At school, Freddie didnt like sports much. However, he was the champion in ping-pong. Aged 12, he won the first Cup. Apart from that, he loved painting and often made drawings of surrounding people. And, of course, he was crazy about music from the very young age. He loved listening to music and singing. The surrounding music was mostly Indian, but there were some western songs too. Hus musical talent was soon noticed by the headmaster of the school, He wrote a letter to his parents asking to give him the opportunity to study music seriously. Thats when he started attending the piano classes. When he was 12, together with his friends and classmates, he organized the first rock band called The Hectics. They played at school parties and various anniversaries.

Having graduated from school, he returned to Zanzibar. In 1964, his family was forced to leave the country because of the revolution, during which thousands of Arabs and Indians were killed. They moved to England and temporarily lived at their relatives house in Middlesex County. Aged 17, the future singer chose to enter the Art College. At the college he met Tim Staffel, who invited him to participate in his bands rehearsals. Inspired by their music, he started singing again. When Staffel decided to quit the Smile band in 1970, Freddie became the lead vocalist. Thats when Freddie changed his surname to Mercury and the bands name to Queen. He also created the logo for the band, including the elements of British heraldry.

After long searching he found the guitarist John Deacon and in 1972 they could already release the first album. The band quickly became world famous. In 1979, the singer was invited to perform with the British Royal Ballet. A year later, he completely changed his image and started wearing a moustache and short hair. He started leading his solo career and released the album Mr. Bad Guy (1985). There was the time when he performed together with a world famous opera singer Monserrat Caballe. Since 1986, the press announced that Freddie was seriously ill, but he denied the rumors. Only in November 1991 he officially confirmed that he had AIDS. The same month he died of bronchial pneumonia. In 1992, many famous people and his friends gave a special concert to commemorate the legendary singer.



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