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Garry Kasparov (13.04.1963) - Russian sportsman.

Garry Kasparov (nee Weinstein) is one of the best chess Grandmasters, former World Chess Champion, Honored Master of Sport, writer and political activist. He won eight World Chess Olympiads and eleven chess Oscars. He was born on April 13th, 1963 in Azerbaijan, in a noble family. Both his parents were successful engineers and his grandfather was a composer. At the age of four he learned to read. He soon developed interest in history and geography.

When he was seven, he dreamt of becoming a doctor to cure his seriously ill father. Before his death his father gave him a present a chess clock. From now on his mother took all the responsibility for his education. She fully dedicated her life to Garrys career and well-being. At the age of sixteen the boy already had the title of a world champion. When he was 22, he began playing with the world champion Anatoly Karpov. Their match lasted for almost half a year and was registered as the longest match in the history of chess.

When he was a teenager, he won three gold medals for excellent graduation, victories in chess among juniors and participation at the World Chess Olympiad within the USSR team. Later on, he had three convincing victories at international tournaments in Yugoslavia. From October 1984 Garry Kasparov started a long-lasting unprecedented confrontation with Anatoly Karpov, which lasted over 10 years. Their first unlimited match involved 48 games. The match was interrupted by the President of FIDE, as the players were exhausted. The winner was Anatoly Karpov.

However, six months later the rematch was won by Kasparov. All in all, these two have played 144 games, most of which ended in draw. Continuing the best traditions of world champions, Garry Kasparov currently pays lots of attention to social and literary activities in the field of chess. Apart from that, he organizes and supports childrens chess schools in Russia, Israel and several other countries. Garry was one of the co-founders of Professional Chess Association. He is well-known and respected in the world for his education, intelligence and brilliant image. Many experts say he is the best chess player of all times.



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