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Georgy Zhukov (01.12.1996 - 18.06.1974) - Soviet military.

Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov was a well-known Soviet military leader and one of the bravest people. Four times he was acknowledged as the Hero of the Soviet Union. Apart from that in the postwar years people called him Marshall of the Victory. He always wore a great number of honorable medals. Zhukov was born in one small village of Kaluga region on November 19, 1896. His parents were simply peasants.

When he was 18 years old, he joined the army and it was a very important event for him. Since then he never parted with the army. Basically, he dedicated all his life to military service. In 1916 he was enrolled in the training and then promoted to a junior non-commissioned officer. While at the regiment he took part in numerous battles and received several merits. In the autumn of the same year he was badly wounded and taken to a military hospital in Kharkov.

After that he joined the Red Army. Being commissioned to Belorussia, he became the Deputy Commander and then the General of the Army. His military career was developing impressively rapidly. From now on he led an active policy recognizing the drawbacks of the staff and fixing them. He prepared a well-trained army for the war.

A lot had been done by him to save the situation at the field of war. While Leningrad was in danger he was appointed as the Commander of its front and then of the capital. Thanks to his strategies the cities were fully freed. In 1943, as the most important milestone in his biography, Zhukov was appointed the Marshall of the Soviet Union. What else could be more honorable for the person who dedicated his life to military service!

In May 1945, Berlin was captured under Zhukovs command. And he was the one to take the official surrender from Germany. People said the art of war was in his blood. It could be seen in his rational approach and concrete analysis of the situation. His decisions were always original and thus unexpected for the enemy. He was considered a real pioneer of strategic military operations. However, many of his ideas were left unfulfilled.

In 1958 he retired, but was still rather active. Marshall wrote a book about his life and experiences at the front. It was the book of memoirs, which he dedicated to all those who fought for the freedom of nation. Zhukov died in June 1974 and was buried in Moscow. The great leader was married officially twice. He had three beloved daughters - Era, Ella, Mary. One of his daughters wrote and published a book about her heroic father in 2006.



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